Friday, April 15, 2011

Ixora Flowers

Cut organdy cloth into a square of 4cm.

 Fold the cloth corner to corner  to make a triangle.

Fold the triangular cloth  again to make a smaller  triangle.

 Join both the tails of the triangle.

 Press the centre to form a cup when you join together both the tails of the triangle,

Now turn the petal down.

 Tie the  base of the petal  to a wire and join with the other three petals on the stem keeping the cup down. Cover half of the stem with cloth. For buds, take two petals and tie both the cups of the petal facing each other.

Completed flower.

Make bunches of  flowers and buds with difft. colors and mix together.

Make many bunches of flowers with difft.colors


  1. This is soooo good!!!! u r so talented!!!

  2. You are extremely imaginative and thanks for sharing