Monday, March 28, 2011

Straw Flowers

Take three straws

Cut each one into two pieces at the center.

 Take each one  and

 cut each piece lengthwise.

After cutting, open each piece.

Its difficult to open because it'll curl up. So press and rub hard with a spoon or scissors. When you rub hard, each piece will open and vein mark will be seen on each petal.

Cut each one into petal shape.

so you have six petals now.

Take a small piece and cut to make stamens.

Attach stamens to the stem.

Stick or tie each petal on the stem around the stamens.
Make lillies with different color straws. Add leaves.

2)   Dhalia 

Take  any two color  straw. ( Here I used red and yellow)

Cut into small pieces (red straw smaller than the yellow ones)

Cut open  each piece lengthwise. Shape one end of each piece.

Red straw pieces are smaller than the yellow ones.

 Next, keep the red ones in the yellow straw pieces.
Take a needle and thread and pass it through the pieces.

When you finished, tie all pieces together and arrange to make dhalia flower.

Add leaves.

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