Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Straw Flowers

Sun Flower

Take three straws.

 Cut all straws at the center.

Cut each piece lengthwise

Straighten the pieces with a spoon or scissors by rubbing hard.

Shape each piece into petals.

Cut a hard paper  or cardboard, shape it as in the picture.

Stick petals one by one  around the paper.

Stick felt  with some beads at the centre.

 Attach the flower to the stem and add some leaves.

Daisy Flower

Cut straw into 5cm pieces.

Cut, open the pieces lengthwise with a scissors.

Open all pieces.

When you rub harder  with a spoon or scissors, it will automatically curl up.

Shape all pieces into petals and stick around the paper.

Attach to a stem and add leaves,

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